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Holy Guacamoly this is my kind of heaven. I've wanted one of these for ages :D

Jan. 27th, 2011

This sparks the hopeless romantic in me XD A shirt with Darcy's Proposal:

Jan. 12th, 2010

Biographies: why spend time reading or watching programmes about other people's lives when you should be out there shaping your own?

The Time Traveller's Wife

I had been waiting for this movie trailer to come out for eons. Can't wait for the actual movie to come out now. :D It won't be as good as the book...most movies never are, but I guess we'll wait and see.

May. 31st, 2009

I think this picture is truly amazing. In a horribly shocking kind of way.

May. 18th, 2009

Yesterday I finished watching Milk...and what a truly remarkable film that is. The determination to fight for what you believe in, regardless of how many times you fall, how many people are against you, how much oppression you face.

And it kinda got me thinking.

My course, the law course, has got to be one of the most prejudiced courses out there. You go out there and ask people why they would or would not want to be a lawyer. Among the woulds you'd undoubtedly find: the pay is good, which is in my opinion, a very shallow reason indeed. Among the wouldn'ts you'd come across something like: "Ma tarax se niddefendi qattiel!" (I would never defend a murderer!) And it's funny because in many people's minds the first connotations to anything law is criminal law which is in essence only a fraction of what the general concept encompasses.

But let's say you have to defend a murderer. To begin with: is he a murderer? Who are you to judge him to be so without having seen the facts? Without having even so much as heard any testimonies or seen any evidence? What if the man/woman were actually suffering from some mental disease, acting in self defence, what if it were an accident? What if?

It's funny how so many people are willing to condemn any individual in the wrong without having so much as sniffed at any facts. We live in a society which is far too easy on the judging and condemning and less so on the willingness to hear (unless it's gossip).

And besides, for all the people out there who would not be willing to defend a person accused of murder; what of the rapist, the robber, the fraud, the human trafficker, the parent who has abandoned their child, the person charged with infringing those fundamental human rights we are all entitled to? Bad does not only equate to murder. But above all, we are no supreme beings to judge the actions of others without having given them adequate space and time to defend themselves.

The right to prove an allegation wrong is a fundamental human right - did you know that? Perhaps we're too busy putting our noses in other people's businesses and condemning the actions of others to realise that our own actions are far from exemplary. 

Mar. 8th, 2009

Go Watch Slumdog Millionaire NOW!!!! I had thought this film was overrated...it's not =D

It's funny how within 2 days the newly-elected President of the United States of America saw it fit to seek approval of a bill to lift a ban on abortion funds. Before anyone should judge based on nonsensical stereotypes, this is not the opinion of a fervent Catholic whose mission in life is to fight liberalism with all the apparent close-mindedness that God has bestowed upon me. This is the opinion of a person who upholds certain principles, as others uphold theirs.

Pro-abortionists will tell you...but it's not a human being yet! It's the mother's body! It's her life! She should do as she pleases! Of course she can. Surely anti-abortionists never denied that! But as an anti-abortionist myself, whilst I believe in everyone's freedom, I also hence believe in the child's right to live; a right which he/she can't of course declare out loud. I also believe in responsibility and in accepting that responsibility. If I killed, I go to prison. If I decided to start up a family I should do all I can to care for such family. If I accepted a job, I should do that job. Life is all about responsibilities and if we can't accept those responsibilities we'll all end up a laissez-faire society. What would stop me in this laissez-faire society from killing a man? You'd tell me: the law! You'd go to prison. But as clearly exemplified by the murderer from yesterday's finished trial: "Jien ghadni haj" (I'm still alive). The truth remains that whether he's going to end up in prison for the rest of his life or not, someone is now locked up in a coffin underground. This growing laissez-faire society is one which clearly does not give a hoot and a whistle as to what happens to the innocent victim getting along with their lives.

Surely we can all get along with our lives without getting in the way of others who depend on us. Why is it that we always seek the easy way out? Why is it that unless (and at times even if) the law expressly tells us not to do something, we will do all we can to do things as we please because heavens forbid we should feel in any way uncomfortable even if such circumstances were brought upon us as a result of our actions.

I believe in life because I'm living it and I'm loving it! =)

Comments are welcome. I don't bite. And I shan't wish for your soul to rott in hell either. :P


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Honestly, with racism levels being high (not truly sure of statistics, but general perception tends to point that way) could we actually go any higher? I do remember when in Strasbourg this summer we had a talk with Dr. Joseph Licari Permanent Delegate to UNESCO and the Chairman of the UNESCO Commission in Malta; in the talk we discussed the whole illegal immigration problem ever-on-the-rise here in Malta - following that we were meant to have a talk with some French woman working in human rights and before he left (whether he was joking or not remains an obscure mystery, and in her presence, speaking Maltese of course) he told us not to listen to anything she would be telling us; that she would tell us how horrible we are to these poor immigrants who have risked all to come here and that we treat them like scum. And you betcha that's exactly what she said.

And looking back I can't help but rethink of those words Dr. Licari spoke, telling us that we should not heed those words for she can never imagine all we're going through. Of course, speaking such coarse language would be particularly racist and inconsiderate but the truth of the matter is that this is truly the general perception. And looking on on such incidents really doesn't help, for in all matters where tensions are high, any action is sure to be generalised. The truth is that such incidents could have happened with just any two men as despicable as it may be.

So what are we to do? Will illegal immigration continue haunting us as we enter into 2009? Does this problem have an end? Will MEP Simon Busuttil's certain re-election, and in light of his stance on the topic, save us all? Who knows...in the meantime I shall keep on catching the bus in the dark wondering if the next one coming on the bus will try to harass me...wouldn't be the first...

Me thinks I need a life. Snagged from