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Thursday, 25th December 2008 - 19:08CET

Prompt police action stops sexual assault

The prompt intervention of policemen prevented a rape from taking place in Birzebbuga early this morning the police said.

The policemen were called to investigate an argument between two men in St Patrick Street. On arrival, officers found a Maltese girl, aged 17, on the ground and two Somali men. One was arrested on the spot and the other was apprehended a short time later after he tried to run away.

The police said initial investigations showed that a rape would have taken place had the officers not intervened promptly.

The two men live at Hal Far open centre.

The girl was taken to Mater Dei Hospital for treatment. The men were also given medical treatment for injuries sustained during their argument. They have been kept under arrest.

Magistrate Miriam Hayman is holding an inquiry.


Honestly, with racism levels being high (not truly sure of statistics, but general perception tends to point that way) could we actually go any higher? I do remember when in Strasbourg this summer we had a talk with Dr. Joseph Licari Permanent Delegate to UNESCO and the Chairman of the UNESCO Commission in Malta; in the talk we discussed the whole illegal immigration problem ever-on-the-rise here in Malta - following that we were meant to have a talk with some French woman working in human rights and before he left (whether he was joking or not remains an obscure mystery, and in her presence, speaking Maltese of course) he told us not to listen to anything she would be telling us; that she would tell us how horrible we are to these poor immigrants who have risked all to come here and that we treat them like scum. And you betcha that's exactly what she said.

And looking back I can't help but rethink of those words Dr. Licari spoke, telling us that we should not heed those words for she can never imagine all we're going through. Of course, speaking such coarse language would be particularly racist and inconsiderate but the truth of the matter is that this is truly the general perception. And looking on on such incidents really doesn't help, for in all matters where tensions are high, any action is sure to be generalised. The truth is that such incidents could have happened with just any two men as despicable as it may be.

So what are we to do? Will illegal immigration continue haunting us as we enter into 2009? Does this problem have an end? Will MEP Simon Busuttil's certain re-election, and in light of his stance on the topic, save us all? Who knows...in the meantime I shall keep on catching the bus in the dark wondering if the next one coming on the bus will try to harass me...wouldn't be the first...


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Dec. 26th, 2008 09:25 am (UTC)
Eek yes I remember that funny looking guy saying that!!
Hope your Christmas was as merry as can be :) xxxx
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