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It's funny how within 2 days the newly-elected President of the United States of America saw it fit to seek approval of a bill to lift a ban on abortion funds. Before anyone should judge based on nonsensical stereotypes, this is not the opinion of a fervent Catholic whose mission in life is to fight liberalism with all the apparent close-mindedness that God has bestowed upon me. This is the opinion of a person who upholds certain principles, as others uphold theirs.

Pro-abortionists will tell you...but it's not a human being yet! It's the mother's body! It's her life! She should do as she pleases! Of course she can. Surely anti-abortionists never denied that! But as an anti-abortionist myself, whilst I believe in everyone's freedom, I also hence believe in the child's right to live; a right which he/she can't of course declare out loud. I also believe in responsibility and in accepting that responsibility. If I killed, I go to prison. If I decided to start up a family I should do all I can to care for such family. If I accepted a job, I should do that job. Life is all about responsibilities and if we can't accept those responsibilities we'll all end up a laissez-faire society. What would stop me in this laissez-faire society from killing a man? You'd tell me: the law! You'd go to prison. But as clearly exemplified by the murderer from yesterday's finished trial: "Jien ghadni haj" (I'm still alive). The truth remains that whether he's going to end up in prison for the rest of his life or not, someone is now locked up in a coffin underground. This growing laissez-faire society is one which clearly does not give a hoot and a whistle as to what happens to the innocent victim getting along with their lives.

Surely we can all get along with our lives without getting in the way of others who depend on us. Why is it that we always seek the easy way out? Why is it that unless (and at times even if) the law expressly tells us not to do something, we will do all we can to do things as we please because heavens forbid we should feel in any way uncomfortable even if such circumstances were brought upon us as a result of our actions.

I believe in life because I'm living it and I'm loving it! =)

Comments are welcome. I don't bite. And I shan't wish for your soul to rott in hell either. :P


Jan. 24th, 2009 09:56 am (UTC)
Oh lovaaaa you need not be scared to put your opinion out there, no matter what it may be. :) I used to be really scared because I'd think omg but there'll be people who'll think I'm really stupid for saying that and all...until I realised that try as I might there is no way to please everyone because these just happen to be matters where you either think yeay or nay. =)

Personally re. this whole abortion thing what really kinda ticks me off is that if everyone were more careful, abortion wouldn't have to be an option anyway and so it would not be at the expense of innocent lives. Heavens with the advance in technology there are ways not to get pregnant, meh. >.
Jan. 24th, 2009 09:57 am (UTC)
*sigh* so true!

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